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The poetry of Wojciech J. Walkowicz delicately emanates from the eclectic works he has produced since the beginning of his career, and reveals itself in all the naivety of a shy and reserved talent, which also corresponds to his young age - Walkowicz was born in ‘94.

A spontaneous impetuosity, in search of a self that can be read in certain paintings, painted without a brush, to exorcise his own turbulence, or that emerges, suggested in his black and white photographs, from a forgotten object, from an instant portrait, chasing an inner acceptance before a social one.
An impetuosity that is also discreet, in a search between the inside and the outside, in the consciousness that striving for knowledge of his own microcosm is vital.
The tension between the others and the self is perhaps the key to understanding Walkowicz's works, art as therapy, as recognition of one's own faculties and values.

An instrument not of communication but of evolution, of recognition of one's own restlessness.

This is Wojciech J.Walkowicz: fine photographer, spontaneous portraitist, instinctive painter, sincere poet.

       Misha Capnist - 

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